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Why Horwitz & Damicone
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When you want a good spaghetti dinner you go to an Italian restaurant. When you want your light fixture replaced you call an electrician. Why? Because you want someone who knows what they are doing, an expert in their field, who spends their whole time doing that and just that. At Horwitz & Damicone, LLC we can do that for you - not the spaghetti and wiring - but the legal!

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Our attorneys not only monitor trends in the legal community, they also actively contribute articles to leading industry publications with the goal of keeping our clients informed of cutting edge strategies that may help them to achieve their goals.

Our Team
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Our team of dedicated attorneys are committed to providing personal and comprehensive legal services to both individual and business clients throughout Ohio. Our multi-industry experience and cutting edge strategies has allowed us to successfully address a variety of complex and expansive legal issues facing our clients.

Estate Planning in 2021
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Asset Protection Planning


Estate Planning

Estate Administration/Probate

Pet Trusts

Succession Planning

Tax Planning

Attorney vs. Online

Legal Provider

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Horwitz & Damicone, LLC is closely monitoring the latest estate and income tax developments being proposed and introduced in Congress. Significant changes will most likely occur immediately upon the passage of any of these bills. Click below to see the Forbes article "Senate Estate and Gift Tax Bill Will Reduce Exemption to $3.5 million and Take Away Many Opportunities."

Estate Planning


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