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Attorney vs. Online Legal Provider

In today's high tech environment, people are continually looking for ways to automate and streamline the cost of products and services. There are some places where it works better than others. That having been said, is there a role that technology can play when it comes to estate planning? The simple answer is yes and no! Over the past several years the growth of online legal providers offering legal documentation and generic legal services has increased by 9%. However, things are not always as simple as they appear. While this approach may work for a simple, basic estate, the minute you add aspects to an estate such as a business, gifting to family, etc., this generic document approach may seriously fail both you and your family.

The following articles outline the pros and cons of utilizing an online legal service provider vs. a law firm and allows you, the reader, to see which one might be the best fit for your particular legal needs.


AARP Personal

Estate Planning Kit

Source: AARP

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Can Online Legal Services Really Help Your Business?


Source: Business News Daily

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Making a Will in the Covid-19 Era

Before You Consider the DIY Route Know All the Facts

Source: AARP

Estate Planning - business concept words

Do It Yourself Estate Planning

Source: ABA Real Property, Trust & Estate Section

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