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Why Horwitz & Damicone

We spend all our time, day in and day out, finding and implementing creative ways we can help you as an individual or a business. We live and breathe the law and personally find it challenging and enjoyable to find solutions to the issues our clients bring to us.

Unlike traditional law firms, Horwitz & Damicone, LLC does not operate with an antiquated, hierarchal partner structure or rigid billing guidelines. Instead we operate like a business with low overhead, investment in technology, a semi-virtual environment, and a flexible billing structure that fits our client's needs.

So, if you want sound legal advice, a wealth of experience, creative solutions, personal attention and a non-traditional approach to the law you have come to the right place.

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Tax and Estate Specializations

Stu Horwitz is 1 of 5 lawyers in Ohio who has passed the specialization tests for Federal Taxation and Estate Planning, Probate and Trust law.

Master of Tax Law (LLM)

Horwitz & Damicone, LLC is one of only a few firms in Ohio who have attorneys from the top two Tax LLM programs in the country.

Flexible Flat


For most engagements we will quote, up front, a flat fee. There are no additional charges for phone calls, copies, mailings, etc.

Big Firm Ideas; Small Firm Setting

We offer the most cutting edge and innovative techniques in the country; while maintaining highly responsive one-on-one interactions.

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